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What we do, a message from Founder, Tim Tinnin

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Individuals are invited to support Red Slipper Warrior Project™ by making a tax-deductible gift to our foundation. Funds received go to further the mission of the organization by empowering and creating Warriors in their battle with cancer.


Hospitals can contact the Red Slipper Warrior Project for more information. We invite them to join us in the movement by arranging presentations to patients and/or providing a short program to staff regarding the project.


With nearly a million women each year in the United States and nine million world-wide being diagnosed with cancer, the need for support is great. Our goal is to reach every little girl and every woman that’s in the fight and help them become better fighters.

Cancer can take a lot of things, but it shouldn’t be able to take your identity. We give women a pair of red, blingy, sequined, super comfy slippers as a reminder that 'you’re still a girl, you’re still beautiful, you’re just in a fight.'

After 32 years as a state trooper, Red Slipper Warrior Project founder Tim Tinnin can tell you, "I was never in a fight in my life that I didn’t get beat up some.” These women are just in a fight, and it's important for them to remember, “Cancer does not define me!” Red Slipper Warrior slippers are a continual reminder that our warriors are more than cancer.

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