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Red Slipper Warrior Project has proudly partnered with Connect to Uganda to create artisan pieces of jewelry designed specifically for our Warriors, their Co-Patients, and our supporters.
Connect to Uganda was co-founded by Julie Stroder. Julie and Red Slipper Warrior Project
founder, Tim Tinnin grew up in the small town of Rolla, Missouri and re-connected after 45
years. They realized both of the charitable organizations they’d created could help each other
and the women they serve.

Connect to Uganda works to empower communities in Uganda and currently focuses on the
village of Bubago, Uganda where women are the backbone of the community and despite
incredible challenges and generally single-handedly providing for the children of the village. The
men of these rural areas frequently have multiple wives and provide little to no assistance to
their families.
Extreme poverty is the rule….not the exception.

Connect to Uganda helps the women of Bubago provide for their family, including providing
school fees, by teaching them skills to create artisan jewelry. They’ve mastered the art of
creating beautiful,“indestructible” paper beads unique to their village. Red Slipper Warrior
Project has partnered with Connect to Uganda to create the “Slipper Sisters Collection” custom
designed charm bracelets. Bracelets can be worn by Warriors or anyone supporting their
journey or Red Slipper Warrior Project’s mission.

Red Slipper Warrior Project’s mission is to instill courage and confidence in women and girls
fighting cancer with tools to reinforce their self esteem and harness a Warrior spirit. By
partnering with Connect to Uganda and creating the Slipper Sister Collection, that mission is
advanced by not only by creating beautiful jewelry that reflects others’ support of their Warrior,
but additionally generating funds that assure more Warriors can receive our powerful package.
Connect to Uganda has also produced a Red Slipper Warrior Project unisex paracord bracelet
bearing the iconic ribbon and crown logo. Our paracord bracelets are suitable for everyday wear
and are a powerful statement that you stand in support of Warriors that are in the fight for their

The nature of the Bubago artisan beads are much the same as our Warriors…..Beautiful and
Indestructible. Your purchase of Slipper Sister Collection jewelry helps change the lives and
empower women of both the United States and half a world away in Uganda.
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