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With nearly a million women each year in the United States and 8.5 million world-wide being diagnosed with cancer, the need is great which means the support has to be great as well. Our goal is to reach every little girl and every woman that are “in the fight” and help them become better fighters.


No patient will EVER pay for the Red Slipper Warrior package. This package is most powerful when given from the heart and from people that believe in the mission and in their Warrior. Red Slipper Warrior Project fills the void in treatment by creating a stronger, more positive attitude resulting in a more successful outcome.

How Can You Help?


Submit Your Warrior   To help Red Slipper in our mission to instill courage and confidence in your Warrior and to give her the tools to reinforce her self-esteem and harness her Warrior spirit, submit your information (the Submitter).  Be sure to give us all the requested information that you can about your Warrior so that her package is personalized to her.  *a minimum $60 donation is requested to cover the cost of the package and shipping, unless your Warrior is at a Red Slipper healthcare facility already which means the kindness of others has already covered the cost.  Use your hospital’s Red Slipper code to cover the cost.

Be a Silent Hero  a donation of just $60 will ensure that a woman or girl you’ll probably never even meet will absolutely change the way she approaches cancer.  What a wonderful feeling it is to think that you changed the life of another human for the better.  At Red Slipper Warrior Project, we’re making a life-changing difference for our Warriors everyday- and it’s all thanks to the generosity of our supporters.  

Healthcare and Community Partnerships - Our core philosophy is no Warrior will ever pay for her package.  As such our team works tirelessly to continue to raise the funding needed to provide our packages to those that need it so critically.  In order to sustain and expand our efforts into other communities, WE NEED YOUR HELP.  If you want Red Slipper to be a part of your community or healthcare facility, please contact us (maybe hyperlink that form here)  here.  Let’s work together to see how we can deploy Red Slipper Warrior Project wherever you are.

Red Slipper Warrior Project is a 501c3 not for profit organization. We operate solely on private and corporate donation. By “Supporting Your Warrior” we are able to continue this very important work.


Donations are tax deductible.

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