Support The Cause

With nearly a million women each year in the United States and 8.5 million world-wide being diagnosed with cancer, the need is great which means the support has to be great as well. Our goal is to reach every little girl and every woman that are “in the fight” and help them become better fighters.


No patient will EVER pay for the Red Slipper Warrior package. This package is most powerful when given from the heart and from people that believe in the mission and in their Warrior. Red Slipper Warrior Project fills the void in treatment by creating a stronger, more positive attitude resulting in a more successful outcome.

How Can You Help?


Purchase A Warrior Package

Individuals can purchase a package for the woman in their life by contacting Red Slipper Warrior Project™.


Corporate Sponsorships

Tax deductible donations to Red Slipper Warrior Project™ are critical to distribution of our packages. RSWP speaks regularly with groups (both large and small) and is available to speak with your company regarding their involvement. Corporate sponsorship will be reflected not only on our website but in public appearances and media releases.


Hospital Foundation Support

Hospitals wishing to improve treatment experiences for their patients undergoing cancer treatment are able to purchase packages for delivery to their facility. Whenever possible, we will deliver in person and share with the female patients the vision of Red Slipper Warrior Project™. Our staff are available to meet with hospital social work staff to include them in the power of our project.


Individual Support

Individuals are invited to support Red Slipper Warrior Project™ by making a tax deductible donation. Funds received go to further the mission of the organization, empowering and creating warriors in their battle with cancer.



Red Slipper Warrior Project is a 501c3 not for profit organization. We operate solely on private and corporate donation. By “Supporting Your Warrior” we are able to continue this very important work.


Donations are tax deductible.